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A homemade speculative camouflage pattern generator

This tool is designed to generate patterns from photographs that can be used to make wearables from handkerchiefs to full-body suits. It creates several patterns that use multiscale and shape-disruptive camouflage techniques loosely based on a scientific paper published in 2013. Multiscale patterns employ details at various spatial scales to disguise the wearer, while disruptive patterns aim to distort and interrupt the wearer’s outline using blocks of shapes.

This site is also available as an onion service, which means that it can be accessed through the Tor network. Tor provides a way to browse the Internet anonymously to avoid censorship and surveillance. Visit the onion site on a web browser that supports Tor.

Tip: Use a photograph of a place that avoids large areas of sky or harsh sunlight. For best results, collage together photographs of detail shots from around a specific place into a single image.

Pattern dimensions (inches)

Tip: Best results will have color palettes between 6-15 colors. It may take several attempts to generate, depending on your source image.

Choose patterns

Tip: Pattern generation may take a couple minutes. Debugging logs are available in the console.